The DPRC™ Study Guide 2nd Edition

Updated and expanded edition! Complete course material for instructor assisted or self-study for the DPRC™ certification exam.

The study guide includes competency-specific learning objectives, a detailed overview of knowledge areas, key learning objectives and concepts to remember, foundations for Meaningful Use, and an expanded glossary.

Brian Gugerty, DNS, MS, RN, CEO of GIC Informatics, Don E. Detmer, MD, MA, past President and CEO of AMIA, and John Poikonen, PharmD, Director of Clinical Informatics at University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center authored the study guide and provided expertise for the exam and certification.

Measure your health care professionals and students’ electronic record keeping competency with the DPRC digital patient recordTM certification exam

What is the DPRC certification exam?

Health care professionals today work in a technology-driven environment, one in which their knowledge of operating EHR systems that manage the entire patient environment are essential. The DPRC certification was developed to assess a health care professional’s ability to accurately, dependably, and legally manage patient records in this environment.

As health care providers migrate to an electronic form of medical record keeping, they must insure that all of their health care professionals understand this new operational environment that can affect medical outcomes - including the providers’ regulatory responsibilities - before allowing professionals to operate in this new setting.

Who should take the DPRC certification?

Health care providers and academic institutions employing and training current and future workers who will use a digital input device to manage EHRs in an EHR system and can thereby affect the outcome of a patient’s treatment or legal rights.

Why is the DRPC certification important?

Medical records have rapidly moved from the clipboard to the digital platform, and health care workers in all lines of work are now required to input, access, and make use of an array of sophisticated digital information.  Health care professionals are faced with a technology driven environment, one in which their skills in operating new EHR systems are necessary to succeed.  The DPRC was developed to assess a health care professional’s ability to accurately, dependably, and legally manage EHRs in this rapidly changing environment. 

What does the DPRC certification assess?

The DPRC certification may be administered in individual and group settings to assess health care worker’s understanding of the most commonly used methods of inputting and accessing EHRs.  Medical Informatics courses taught in American higher education institutions were extensively studied to determine the range of material covered in such courses.  Furthermore, the Health Information Systems of the US Veterans Administration and major hospitals were examined to determine the manner in which EHR systems receive and display patient health information.  The DPRC certification was written to assess the complexity of information found in these higher education and hospital settings.

Which Professional Organization endorses the DPRC?

The DPRC certification was developed in cooperation with the American Medical Informatics Association, an organization that has endorsed this assessment instrument. AMIA plays a pivotal role in the transformation of the US health system and makes measurable contributions to the improvement of health of the nation through continued development and implementation of health information technology. AMIA is an integrating force that strengthens the nation’s ability to create and manage the science and knowledge base of health care. AMIA is active in the development of global health information policy and technology with particular emphasis on using health information technology to meet the health needs of underserved populations.

The DPRC certification was developed collaboratively with Test Development Experts, experienced Psychometricians, The American Medical Informatics Association and; medical and nursing school faculty, hospital administrators, medical practice consultants, and the US Health and Human Services Office of Digital Patient Records serving as Subject Matter Experts.

Key Features of DPRC?

    • The DPRC certification test is administered through a secure Internet connection with minimal setup and system requirements.
    • Students and other health care professionals take the DPRC certification test using campus or hospital computers in a secure, proctored environment
    • Students, faculty and staff receive immediate results upon competing test
    • Test questions quickly and efficiently assess a student’s basic knowledge of EHR systems concepts, due care responsibilities, meaningful use, user skills, and policies and procedures that must control the HIS environment.
    • DPRC certification possesses extensive reporting capabilities.
    • DPRC certification provides quick and professional technical and customer support.

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